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Professor Gu Weiqing

ProfessorWeiqing Gu, PhD, McAlister professor of mathematics, specializes in differential geometry and topology, with applications to Big Data analysis, computer-aided design and robotics. Her research on the geometry of a manifold (e.g., a sphere or a Grassmann manifold) and in computational geometry directly applies to Big data-to-decision, fundamental problems in dynamics, control theory, robotics and computer graphics. For example, Gu is currently investigating possible applications of differential geometry in anormaly detection and predictive models involving big data. She is also applying Lie Theory, Grassmann-Cayley algebra, and Riemannian geometry to Jacobi fields and geodesics on the Euclidean group and its subgroups, for the purpose of synthesizing smooth motions for computer animation and for planning optimal motions of robot manipulators. Gu also researches applications to math-biology and applications to industrial mathematics including optimal control, encryption and color scheme.

Big Data

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Deep Learning Algo

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Computational Geometry

Computational Geometry



Computer Vision

Computer Vision


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